Our vehicles provide all the safety measures necessary to keep our community safe. Take a look at what vehicles we currently have in service for you.



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njoemFor information about the latest weather emergencies, the NJOEM works closely with the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center regarding storm predictions and forecasts.

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new hoursEffective Monday, November 4, 2013, Fire Headquarters will be open Monday through Friday from 8am-4pm.

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visa/mastercardMount Laurel Fire Department is now accepting Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Debit cards for payment of fees and services!

Great News for Our Residents!

energizer batteryDue to the recent receipt of a grant from Energizer Battery company, our Fire Prevention Bureau will now assist you with the replacement of 9-volt batteries and AA batteries. Please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau for more information!

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operation save a lifeIn cooperation with Channel 6, Kidde, The Home Depot and Toyota, we are proud to offer smoke detectors at no charge to you to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe! Please CLICK HERE for more information.

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2012 KME Severe Service Vehicles - 3629 & 3632

2012 KME Severe Service Engine (1500 gpm pump, 600 gal. tank); in service date: December 17, 2012
2012 KME Severe Service Heavy Rescue (500 gpm pump, 500 gal. tank); in service date: January 4, 2013


2001 E-One 95 Ft Rear mount Tower Ladder - 3635

This tower ladder is 2001 E-One 95 Ft Rear mount Tower Ladder, with a 1250 GPM Hale pump. It carries 300 gallons of water along with a full complement of hose and ground ladders. This truck is more than self sufficient. The hose complements consist of 550 ft of 1 ¾ attack hose, 200 ft of 2 ½ in attack hose. 1125 ft of 3 in supply hose, and 850 ft of 5 in supply line. Tower Ladder 3635 carries 2 14 ft roof ladders, a 16ft roof ladder, a 10 ft attic ladder, a 28 ft ladder, a 45 ft ladder, and a 17 ft little giant ladder. 3635 also carries an AED, a suction unit, oxygen, and other first aid items to help stabilize a patient until an ambulance arrives. The Tower Ladder also carries a Thermal Imaging Camera.


2001 E-One 75 ft Quint - 3614 and 3624

These “twin trucks” are 2001 E-One 75 ft Quints. A Quint is a combination of a Ladder Truck and an Engine. These two trucks can definitely get the job done. The Quints have a 2000 GPM Hale Pump with a 500 gallon tank. They carry 1050 ft of 5 in supply line, 575 ft of 3 in supply line, 300 ft of 2 ½ in attack line, and 750 ft of 1 ¾ in attack line. That was the “Engine” part of the truck. The Ladder part of the truck is the 75 ft ladder, with an electric controlled monitor, so the stream can be directed without having someone on the ladder. The Quints also carry a 35 ft ladder a 24 ft ladder 2 16 ft roof ladders, 17 ft little giant ladder, and a 10ft attic ladder. There is also a Hurst power tool on the truck, which is used to cut people out of cars. Like the Tower Ladder both Quints have a full array of EMS Supplies, and carry a Thermal Imaging camera.


2001 E-One Engine - 3611 and 3621

Like the Quints these two Engines are “twins”. Both are 2001 E-one Engines with a 2000 GPM Hale Pump with a 900 gallon tank. The Engines carry 1350 ft of 5 in supply hose, 975 ft of 3 in supply hose, 300 ft of 2 ½ attack hose, 750 ft of 1 ¾ attack hose, and 200 ft of ¾ in booster hose. The Engines carry hard suction and floating docks to draft water from lakes, streams, etc. The Engines carry a 28 ft ladder and a 16 ft roof ladder. There is a set of Hurst cutters and spreaders on the Engines. Also the Engines carry 15 pales of foam, and a full array of EMS equipment. The equipment layout is similiar to that of the Quints.


1997 Saulsbury Engine - 3631

Engine 3631 has a 1500 GPM Hale pump with a gallon tank. It carries 1300 ft of 5 in supply hose, 1050 ft of 3 in supply hose, 300 ft of 2 ½ in attack hose, and 700 ft of 1 ¾ in attack hose. 3631 is a specialty Engine, because it has a 500 lb Purple K system, and an 80 gallon AFFF Foam tank. 3631 also carries a set of Hurst cutters and spreaders. The Engine also carries a 24 ft ladder, a 14 ft roof ladder, and a 10 ft attic ladder. Engine 3631 also carries EMS equipment.


1988 Duplex Marion Cascade Heavy Duty Rescue Unit - 3639

Rescue 3639 is a 1988 Marion/Duplex Heavy Rescue. It is equipped for basic firefighting and has a 4 bottle Mako Compair cascade system used to fill SCBA cylinders. It is also designated as a specialty piece of apparatus which can handle or assist with many types of incidents such as vehicle extrication. Rescue 3639 is also equipped with a 12,000 lb (6 ton) winch with 125 feet of cable, a fill compliment of Hurst Rescue tools, including a spreader equipped with a 40 inch spreading capability and a cutter with a 170,000 lb cutting capacity, over 200 ft of wood cribbing used for vehicle stabilization, as well as structural stabilization, equipment used for "tensioned buttress stabilization", a full compliment of high pressure air bags used to lift a vehicle or heavy piece of machinery. Some of the other equipment 3639 carries for vehicle extrication includes, but is not limited to, bottle jacks, reciprocating saws, chain, and come alongs.

This apparatus is also equipped to handle ice rescue incidents. Some of the equipment used includes an ice rescue sled, ice rescue/cold water suits, and life safety rope, soda ash, oil dry and absorbent pads and multi gas detectors, which are used to assist with mitigating hazardous materials incidents. It is equipped to assist with confined space and low angle rescue incidents. Some of the equipment used for these incidents is life safety rope and rigging, a tripod, an air cart used to supply air to victims and rescuers. Other equipment carried on 3639 includes tarps, hand tools, and EMS equipment used for service calls, floods and medical calls.


1991 Ford Brush Unit with 200 gallons water - 3616


The Chief, Deputy Chiefs and Battalion Chiefs utilize the following vehicles:

  • 3600 Department Chief - 2009 Ford Expedition
  • 3603 Duty Battalion Chief - 2009 Ford Expedition (2 units)
  • 3601 Deputy Chief - 2005 Ford Expedition
  • 3620 Battalion Chief Volunteer - 2009 Ford Expedition
  • FM36 Fire Marshall - 2003 Ford Expedition




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